Koala bay

Morning everyone!

We start this week with a summer pictures, ladies! This weekend we worked for Koala Bay shooting, and we had such a great time at the beach. It’s a Spanish brand that shows casual proposals that combine with all kinds of accessories to complete your look. They’re around Mediterranean Coast, Canarias and Portugal. They have recently opened in San Antonio Bay, and I loved everything I saw in this store.

Today I show you this black and white kimono with fringes, combined with this lovely pink flamingos bikini. A perfect and ideal contrast to go to the beach. These polarized sunglasses and bracelets are also from Koala Bay.

I’m ready for this summer, eating fresh fruits on the beach with this look, and what about you? Are you already thinking about what to wear to go to the beach?

Hope you love all the pictures and love today’s garments.

Thanks so much for all your visits and comments, my impresses. Have a nice week 🙂

Photo by: Candi Ruiz


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La inspiración viaja por caminos insospechados, llenos de preciosas casualidades.

Espero que mi trabajo sea una de esas casualidades que inspire y haga más bello vuestro día.

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