Ethnic Long Dress

Dress to Impress Ibiza
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Morning, my dear impresses!

Today I show you an amazing look. I love this ethnic long dress from Front Line. Its color is great for this autumn. Still is warm here so I can wear this gorgeous dress. I fall in love! Also I love the whole pictures of this shooting.

I wanted talk you about Trendy Hair, is from a line of cosmetics for the hair that I discovered thanks to Ruben. It is very important to take care of our hair and use high quality products. This brand uses ingredients such as keratin, Ginseng and Actiscent causing a perfect result for our hair. All a positive discovery for me has been this firm, and I made unconditional fan of all your gender. I so recommend, girls!

Hope you like today’s post and please say to me “have a nice flight” because Thursday I will be flying to thousand miles away.

You can follow me on my Instagram. I invite you to come with me to this amazing and crazy journey. Love you all!!

Thanks so much for all the visits and comments.

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La inspiración viaja por caminos insospechados, llenos de preciosas casualidades.

Espero que mi trabajo sea una de esas casualidades que inspire y haga más bello vuestro día.

¡Bienvenidos a Dress to Impress Ibiza!


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