Thailand Part II

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Travel makes your soul bigger.

Because you  discover, you live intensely, you appreciate the beauty that resides in each place, you feel new sensations, new emotions. You live the momentdeeply.

In this trip I did something of what never thought that would be able of do and was diving to 9 meters of depth with a bottle of oxygen in my back. I did it in the same sea which you can see in the photos, next to the island of Koh Nang Yuan in Koh Tao. This place is beautiful, and was the last part of Thailand that I discovered in my trip. If is beautiful in its part external, you can’t imagine the sea beauty. That is another life, it’s pure life.

I recommend to everyone to travel and how much further, better. Thailand has been wonderful and I been in love completely. Even the days of wind were beautiful, as the session of photos that I show you today. See the magic? We take the landscape and the decor of this place to photograph this beautiful white mini tunic of Tony Bonet. One of my favorite designers of the Adlib Fashion. This piece stands out, besides being characterized as a design Adlib, for its comfortable, its purity, and its embroidery. It is simply, a piece unique and lovingly, as all that does Tony.

Here were my looks of Thailand. Now missing the last part of this journey, the paradise part: Maldives. I will show very soon, meanwhile I hope that enjoy much today’s picture.

Thanks so much for all your visits and comments. Have a nice weekend 😉



Photos by: Candi Ruiz

Túnica: Tony Bonet Adlib

  1. Hola preciosa, debió de ser una auténtica gozada poder descubrir Tailanda desde el mar. Desde que vi tus fotos me enamoré todavía más de allí. Tailanda es unos de los sitios que había pensado visitar con amigos.
    Las fotos de la túnica son GUAUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU. Estás guapísima como siempre, el sitio es increíble.

    Besos bonita, feliz semana
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