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We began a new week with a huge hangover of incredible emotions and moments that will last me forever. On January 18th I entered in an adventure, along with my friends bloggers Natalia from On Ibiza Clouds and Mónica from Loving my steps, and we got a good nervous so we went to Madrid to present the new catalogue of the Adlib fashion at the International Tourism Fair.

I loved this fair and feel at home when we entered in to the Ibiza stand. We were received with great affection by friends and professionals from different sectors. Companies of all sorts advertised to anyone who passed by around fashion, gastronomy, culture and beauty that resides in the most beautiful island in the world.
We wanted to stay more time at FITUR, it will be because we felt so comfortable and supported that we didn’t want to go, but still we enjoyed each of the moments afforded us.

We wore designs from one of my favorite brands, which I have the pleasure of working as a Community Manager and which deposited their confidence in me when I started to be blogger. This is Tanit Jeans and its magnificent designs of high quality specialized in denim component. We combine denim with black t-shirts illustrated by Mariola Gómez Escofet, a woman with great enthusiasm and talent who worked with us during the week of filming for realization of this catalogue.

After attending the fair we headed to the Carlos de Amberes Foundation, for the press conference in which attended by different designers from the Moda Adlib and national and local press.
I was very nervous because it was my first time in a press table and I was afraid of doing wrong or lock me, that’s why I had a clear idea of what I’m going to say. The unique and unforgettable experience that I have lived in this project, the honor that has been for me one of the ambassadors of the Adlib fashion and spread with you all the magic that resides in my island were my words for this press conference.

Once finished this ceremony, I took a breath and I felt proud of myself to overcome one challenge more. Now yes, came the moment of life, celebrate, celebrate this great job which so much enthusiasm and passion have lived from the beginning. For this, I changed and I wore an amazing dress. But I’ll explain that you in the next post, since there are many pictures that I want to share with all of you.

I want to thank one more time to all the people that have formed part of this team: Marta Diaz, as Councillor of inside, trade, industry and relations institutional, to Ángela followed as Coordinator, Carme Coll and Mariola Gomez Escofet by its styling and its care towards us, to Arguine and Tony by perform some photos so beautiful, to Rebecca, Sonia, Olga and Sita by pamper us in Madrid , Juan José Ramón to take us to our destinations, Montse Monsalve and Marta Jiménez from Imam Comunicación that I love them so much and Beauty&Hair to getting us beautiful for this event.

I hope you enjoy the pictures and enjoy this week. As you read these lines I am heading to London (yujuuuuuu!), because you have to travel much wanting and how well you say in the section on Travel: travel is the only thing that you buy and makes you richer. Don’t miss all the details in my Instagram Stories.

Thanks so much for all the visits and comments!


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