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We begin a new week discovering wonderful places! When good weather starts, I recieve lot of messages about recommendations for hotels, through social networks, to enjoy my beautiful island.

For this reason, today let’s talk about Invisa Hoteles, it’s a hotel chain that offers incredible services. Besides own sites in first line of sea, they offer something very interesting that I am personally going to do and I want to share with all of you.

It’s a Yoga Retreat – Fitness in a natural setting for a week full in which all activities, environment and food are specially cared for. This retreat begins on 16th and ends April 23rd and in case you’ve not been able to attend, there is a second retreat from 16th to 22nd October.

The location will be in Invisa Figueral Resort, is in the town of San Carlos, in the beach of Es Figueral. This hotel breathes tranquillity, serenity and rest forever. A place to feel, to know or to discover yourself.

I will go on 20th April to enjoy of this great event with the best professionals. There will be a great team that taught over 150 classes throughout the week and you can enjoy the activities and the food at this amazing resort.

As I think about all of you, I have a 10% discount code for all the people who want to come to the Yoga Retreat. The discount code is the next one: INVISAYOGAANITA. You can use it in its web that includes the accommodation and all the classes that you want.

It’s a unique opportunity to enjoy the real Ibiza! A paradise of nature, peace and well-being.

Here you are the link of a video so you can get the idea of this lovely project and attend like I will:

I hope you find this post useful and sure we will meet each other in their beautiful resort. Have a nice week 😉 


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