Zaibiza Café Restaurant

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We start a new day discovering incredible corners of my beautiful island. Everything that impresses me or I love I must share it with you, so you also enjoy magical places and charming like me.

Today post is about Zaibiza Café Restaurant. It’s a beautiful site founded by partners Omar Nicola and Simone Galvani, located on the beach of Talamanca in the year 2016. Omar performs the functions of restoration and customers; while Simone focuses on advertising, decoration and the administration. You can also highlight the importance of chef de cuisine, Daniele Tumbarello, of Roman origin, making delicious and flavorful dishes.

These bigs entrepreneurs conducted this project decision instantly. They all got to the work and effort and illusion managed to create a wonderful place full of distinction, that today many people crammed its flowers colourful terrace.

No doubt, its location in Talamanca, is one of the factors that you love from the beginning when it comes to sit at one of their tables. You can enjoy the peace, tranquility and security of this location is really satisfactory.

Always used for families or couples, Zaibiza is located in front of the sea and offers a relaxed, informal, very free atmosphere but at the same time with style. It is surrounded by luxury and is currently immersed in a situation of very important hotel chain and high level. Furthermore the boats are opposite, so it is accessible for all kinds of people molded to your tastes and needs.

Zaibiza Cafe Restaurant is also distinguished by great Italian menu, elaborated with fresh Italian products and seasonal. Everything is careful to the millimeter, predominates the authentic flavor and quality of the food. For me, it’s something really important when I go to eat at any restaurant. That the product is homemade and is happy is something that increasingly more difficult to find, and here I assure you that every bite is a dream.

The menu of the day is more than affordable. Every day the menu is different and consists of incoming dish main dessert €18. Drinks separately.

Art exhibits, stroll along the paseo de Talamanca, give you a dip at the beach, exquisite cuisine, decorated with beautiful flowers… not ask more!

If you are in the island or going to come soon, I recommend this place, located at Carrer Vedrà, 1 in Cap Martinet. To reserve you can call to the: (+34) 871 71 10 60

This has been a brief introduction of Zaibiza, I’ll show you their charm in other posts. I hope that you have a very beautiful day. 

Photos by: Giorgio Guglielmini


Many thanks:
Zaibiza Cafè Restaurant

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