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If there is something nice to have made this blog, it is the ability that I have to share with all of you what I like and I am really impressed. Therefore, today I teach somewhere that apparent harmony and who loved me just put the foot in this location

The new discover is Sal de Ibiza The Store, it is a store located on the main road of San Jose (specifically in km. 6.5). Just at the entrance, emphasizes already charming decoration, which you can see a pleasant and inviting atmosphere.


Within this site you can find a wide variety of products, from fashion, jewellery, books, decorative items, until the best gastronomy of the island of Ibiza.

As you can see in the photos, I can’t be more happy enjoying this beautiful surroundings delight me with this amazing snack of Chips to the Flor de Sal. In addition, they have high quality products that you must prove, such as chocolate with carob and toasted almond of Ibiza or carob Exquisite brand of liquor.

Ibiza stands out not only for its beauty, desirability, but also for its incredible cuisine and the magic that lies behind these totally local products, made with raw Ibizan. that is purchasing a gem!

For all those people who I ask about typical gifts of the island I invite you to give a part of Ibiza in this wonderful place. You will attend to perfection, as they did with me 🙂

Thank you very much for all your visits and comments. Pass very happy weekend!

Photo by: Laura


Many thanks to:
Sal de Ibiza The Store – San José

  1. Whenever I travel to Ibiza I try to remember to buy salt, but I forget, I think it is one of the products that I consume the most during the whole year, besides the packs that they sell with spices, it’s brutal!

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La inspiración viaja por caminos insospechados, llenos de preciosas casualidades.

Espero que mi trabajo sea una de esas casualidades que inspire y haga más bello vuestro día.

¡Bienvenidos a Dress to Impress Ibiza!


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