Ahhnells by Sonia

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The details make the difference. Yes, that’s I decided to start my article today. Because it is a phrase that can be used in many ways: at the level of personal, professional, cultural, artistic and in this case, in fashion.

So today I show you an accessorize that has me in love and that brand a lot difference. It is this hat from Ahhnells by Sonia, in burgundy color. It is made by hand with black feathers, from guipure color antique silver and round pieces of cow horn.

Where this piece come from? Let me introduce to her creator, Sonia Castellanos. She is a fashion designer and art historian. She began her career as a designer of fashion accessories in 2011, when he decided to fulfill her dream and do what she always wanted with all her heart. The beginnings were not easy, but it has managed to get to the top and, indeed, along with Anitha from Linnea Ibiza, starring in Moda Adliba collection of Bohemian spirit that has fallen in love with all the lovers of style and good taste.

I was talking with Sonia in the nice thing is, find people of truth, that you connect and get to engage in a real and magical link in this adventure. That is what has happened to me with it. It transmits me humility, kindness and tenderness. Thanks for being so special someone and create dreams in your works of art!


I decided to combine this accessory with a monochromatic look in black, to give prominence and color to this magnificent hat. The chosen scenario is a marvel in these days of winter. I love 🙂

I hope you like the photos of today and you have a very good weekend, love! 

Photos by: Candi Ruiz


Sombrero: Ahhnells by Sonia
Biker: Zara
Pantalones: Zara
Stilettos: Zara

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